Mentor Case Studies

MVYLI Mentorship Program: Case Studies

MVYLI is expanding its successful Job Shadow Day Program to a year-round program MVYLI’s Career Mentor Program.   During the last 4 years, MVYLI matched 60 Island businesses and professionals with Vineyard youth.  This one-day experience has been eye opening and life changing.

Julia Cooper was curious about the world of sustainable architecture.  MVYLI matched her with Ryan Bushey at the South Mountain Company.  This one afternoon helped Julia to discover that she really wanted a more people-oriented career.  For the next Job Shadow Day Julia explored the world of a college professor with John Kennedy from LaSalle University of Philadelphia.  Julia is now pursuing this career as a freshmen at Colgate University.

Jacob Lawrence first shadowed Brian Billsback at PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) in Boston. Then after serving as Master of Ceremonies for MVYLI’s Multicultural Assembly at MVRHS, Jacob decided to explore Public Relations.  Jacob shadowed Senator John Kerry’s Communications Director, Nicole Caravella who worked in both the public and private sectors. By discovering his passion before applying to colleges, Jacob focused his application process. He credits MVYLI’s Job Shadow Day with saving him (and his parents) thousands of dollars!

Isabella El-Deiry was first matched with international human rights activist and author, Rose Styron, then TV journalist and civil rights leader Charlayne Hunter-Gault.  She is now an intern with Bob Schieffer at CBS’ Face the Nation while pursuing her college studies at Howard University in Washington D.C.  Other MVYLI College youth: While a freshman at Wellesley College Mary Ollen is volunteering for political campaigns.  For her spring semester she serve as an intern at Senator Elizabeth Warren.  Lucy Norris, a freshman at St. Louis University in Madrid is matched with business leader David Brush in Spain. 

Emma HallBilsback was first nominated by Sidney Morris Educational Director of The Farm Institute (TFI).  During the Youth Leadership Summit for Sustainable Development, Emma worked with Sidney and Chris Siedel, cartographer at MV Commission to begin MVYLI’s Sustainable Vineyard Map Project.   For MVYLI’s Job Shadow Day 2011, Emma was matched with TFI’s Executive Director where she learned how they needed greater lobbying support for Vineyard farmers.  For MVYLI’s 2012 Job Shadow Day, Emma traveled to Boston to shadow Brad Mitchell, Massachusetts Federation for Small Farmers. They visited Senator Dan Wolff to express the Vineyard farmers concerns. Emma, MVYLI and TFI organized a Farmer’s Roundtable and invited ALL Vineyard farmers.  This Roundtable led to greater support from Boston, and catalyzed farmers to work together, including buying Thimble Farm (Island Grown Initiative) to provide healthy food to all the island’s children.  Emma incorporated her 2 years experience, prepared a report on Sustainable Agriculture for MVYLI Sustainable Vineyard 2020 and presented it at the Cronkite Awards 2012.   Emma received a MV Vision Fellows with a gap year in New Zealand and is now at Hampshire College.

Maisie Jarrell has a wide range of interests – from medicine to the Peace Corps and event planning.  For her first mentoring experience she wants to explore the world of event planning.  Megan Honey, Special Events Manager at The Harbor View Hotel will mentor Maisie.  Maisie will help withMVYLI Advisory Council’s meeting.

Benjamin Nadelstein is a sophomore at MVRHS who aspires to become a performer/media producer. Ben’s mentors include Ed Merck, musical professor and recording producer; David Wolff, is an online guitar lesson; recording business technology developer Norman Hall; video production studio with MVRHS Librarian Kevin McGrath and MVTV.  Ben will develop a video featuring MVYLI youth and their mentors.  MVYLI will feature it on our website, Facebook, YouTube education channel and on MVTV to inspire more youth and members of the Vineyard community to share their time, talents and resources with our youth.