Nominate a Youth

Dear Vineyard Leaders & Educators

You are invited to nominate young people

to MVYLI’s 13th Annual Youth Leadership Summit.

June 24-30, 2017


Orientation • Monday, May 8

MVYLI youth leaders share their experiences with the Summit.


The Youth Leadership Summit for Sustainable Development inspires, educates and empowers young people (ages 15-18) to take initiative in their lives and on their island.  In this weeklong intensive leadership training youth delegates envision their personal, professional, island and planetary goals.  The Summit begins with a Sustainable Vineyard Tour to learn first-hand about blue projects on the Island.  They meet in professional work groups with college youth and begin developing 5-year plans for their lives.  They also identify and develop action plans for sustainability projects to help their Island.  Our faculty: The Institute’s Train-the-Trainer Youth Empowerment Model features youth graduates from previous Summits.  They are especially invested in passing along Dr. King’s legacy of “Each one, teach one” – that creates a powerful multiplier effect for future generations. 

Please think about young people who have the potential to be leaders: Imagine if they could have this experience!  Together we can prepare a new generation of leaders for the island and world.

Outcomes of The Stone Soup Leadership Institute’s Youth Leadership Summit

  • Youth receive educational tools/training to develop a can-do spirit and make-it-happen initiative in their lives.
  • Youth are exposed to inspiring youth leaders who’ve overcome obstacles and changed their lives, their world
  • Youth learn about best practices and innovative models to address sustainable issues on their island
  • Youth learn to develop action plans; troubleshoot challenges, prepare presentations, strategies to engage other
  • Youth learn to make effective presentations: verbally, written, artistically and through video and social media
  • Youth are empowered to be representatives of sustainability issues and projects affecting their islands

MVYLI is a project of the Stone Soup Leadership Institute, 501c3 non-profit organization founded on Martha’s Vineyard in 1997.  All programs are free to Vineyard youth.  MVYLI’s programs require a commitment from youth and their nominator.  Parental support is invaluable in ensuring their success in MVYLI’s program.

MVYLI 5 Year Report: