Youth Leadership Summit 2014

10th Annual Youth Leadership Summit
June 21-27, 2014

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Youth Presentations

Elise Quebec
Marsha Reeves-Jews
 Alexis Valauri-Orton Kassandra Castillo Cruz
Marika Viragh


Official Letters
Secretary John Kerry, U.S. Department of State
Senator Mazie Hirono, Hawaii
Senator Brian Schatz, Hawaii
Senator Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts
Governor Neal Abercrombie, Hawaii
Governor Deval Patrick, Hawaii
Mayor Alan Arakawa, Maui, Hawaii
• Kofi Annan on International Youth Day: Let the Young Lead
Summit Delegates
Summit Overview
Our Missions
Summit Faculty & Team Bios
MVYLI Thanks Our Vineyard Summit Sponsors
Day 1: Monday: What is My Dream for My Life?
• Welcoming, Overview. Ground Rules, Leadership Theme of the Day
• Messages: Secretary Kerry, Governor Patrick, Massachusetts, Governor Abercrombie, Hawaii
Generation Waking Up! (Pachamama Alliance): Gregory Reinauer, Lauren Olean
Design Thinking, Dschool at Stanford University: Ian Kitajima, Oceanit
• Dream Workgroups: What Color is My Parachute for Teens?
Day 2: Tuesday: What is Your Professional Dream for Your Life
Making Dreams Come True: Marsha Reeves-Jews
Entrepreneur & Me: Kassandra Castillo Cruz
• Martha’s Vineyard Youth Leadership Initiative

— College Prep & Field Trips: Taynara Goncalves
— Job Shadow Day: Lucie Dougherty-Soares, Kristine Hopkins
— College Field Trip + Job Shadow Day + Travel Abroad: Lucy Norris
— Internships: Marcelle Alves with Rebecca McCarthy, Lawyer
• Professional Work Groups
— Business/STEM: Marsha Reeves Jews
— Business/Fashion: Kassandra Castillo Cruz
— International Development: Marika Viragh
— Psychology: Tammy Simpson and Shawna Brown
— Environmental Sciences: Elise QuebecDay 3: Wednesday: What is My Dream for My Island & The World
• Report from Secretary John Kerry’s Oceans Summit with world leaders
Success Stories for a Changing Ocean: Elise Quebec
Changing the Way We Think About Fresh Water on Islands: Emma de Brum
Beach Sustainability: Brooklyn Bradford & Adriana Sanches
How My Roots Have Shaped My Life & Paved the Way for a Career I Believe In

Alexis Valauri-Orton, Oceans Conservancy
• What Does the Ocean Mean to You?
• Our Ocean Pledge
• Sustainability-In-Action Projects
— MVYLI’s Multicultural Sustainability Project: 2010-2014: Kristine Hopkins
— SHYLI-Lanai’s Sustainability Projects: Lucy Gaceta
• Aquaponics: Daniel Forsythe
• Composting: Green is the New Black
• Sustainability-In-Action Project Brainstorming
Worldwide Voyage with Hokule’a
(via Google Hangout) in TahitiDay 4: Thursday: Sustainable Islands
• Sustainable Vineyard Map Project
• Video: The Story of Stuff, Annie Leonard
Sustainable Island Economy: Marika Viragh
Lanai Youth Empowerment: Lucy Gaceta
• Video: SHYLI’s Design Sustainable Hawaii Forum 2014
• Sustainability-In-Action Projects: In Partnership with the Ocean Conservancy

• Sustainability Small Work Groups
• Skype Video: Feliza Fenty, Public Affairs Director, Natural Resources, British Virgin Islands
Founding member, Virgin Gorda Youth Leadership Initiative
Day 5: Friday
• Dream Collages
• What is My 5 Year Plan? Marianne Larned
For My Life, My Island and The World
• Workgroups
• Networking 101: Marsha Reeves Jews
• MVYLI Leadership Opportunities: 2014-2015

• Graduation
— Presentation of Certificates
— Presentation of the book, Stone Soup for the World: Life-Changing Stories of Everyday Heroes
• Summit Slideshow Project
• Gratitude & Sponsor Recognition
• Friendship Bracelets

The Institute’s 10th Anniversary Highlights
• About the Institute
• Recipe for Stone Soup, University of Massachusetts, School of Education
• Vieques Youth Leadership Initiative (VYLI) 2020 Report for Sustainable Development: 2004-2008
• VYLI’s Entrepreneurship Initiative: 2005-2007
• Nantucket: A Sustainable Future for Nantucket: 2011
• Virgin Gorda Youth Leadership Initiative: 2009
Virgin Gorda Youth Leader Speaks at Caribbean Conference
• Sustainable Education Resolution, Sustainable Hawaii Youth Leadership Initiative: 2013
• Sustainability Overview: Global & Island Challenges & Opportunities: 2013

Resource Section: Martha’s Vineyard
• Farms of Martha’s Vineyard (Map)
Rewards of Oyster Farming Tame Wild Fisherman, Vineyard Gazette, 2012

The Chef’s Story: Nathan Gould of The Harbor View Hotel, Martha’s Vineyard Times, 2014
Slow Food Brunch Pairs with Farmer Tales, Vineyard Gazette, 2014
Pizza, Baseball, Selectman’s Meeting, All in a Day for New Town Leader: Juli Vanderhoop: 2014
IGI Unveils $10-12 Million Thimble Farm Development Plan, Martha’s Vineyard Times, 2014

Resource Section: Global
Oysters Might be Able to Protect us from Rising Seas, 2014
A Call to Arms: An Invitation to Demand Action on Climate Change, 2014
• Empowering Young Voices for the Planet: Educational Videos
10 Urban Agriculture Projects from Europe’s Greenest City: Freiburg, Germany: 2014
Spanish Island to be Powered by 100% Renewable Energy: 2014
Peru Provides Free Solar Power to 2 Million of it’s Poorest Residents by 2016: 2013

Ocean Theme

• The Story of Hokulea
• Ocean Summit Success Stories
• Small Island Developing States

• Millennials and Racism
• Let the Young Lead – Kofi Annan
• Divestment – Millennials Turning against Fossil Fuels
• Generation Waking Up

• Body Language – Amy Cuddy
• The Story of Stuff – Annie Leonard
• Our Ocean 2014 – Jack Johnson