Youth Leadership Summit 2011

Youth Leadership Summit 2011

Vineyard Youth Leadership Summit 2011 at Captain Flanders Inn

The Martha’s Vineyard Youth Leadership Initiative held its Youth Leadership Summit for Sustainable Development at the Captain Flanders Inn. “Built in 1938, this windmill was originally used to grind corn,” says Julie Flanders. “It is significant for us given your focus on sustainable development.”

This year’s Youth Summit focused on the components of Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Business, Cultural Sustainability and Sustainable Islands. Our guest speakers included Johnny Cupcakes, Rubin Cronig, Ben Kelley, Sidney Morris, Chris Seidel, Noli Taylor and the grandson of the great Latino hero, Cesar Chavez. MVYLI graduates made presentations on Job Shadow Day, Business Internship, College Preparation and Cultural Health. Youth delegates from Hawaii, Nantucket, Vieques and Virgin Gorda made presentations on sustainable development initiatives from their islands. Josue Cruz, winner of the first Walter Cronkite Awards presented his island’s 2020 Report on Sustainable Development. He also served as Director for this year’s Youth Leadership Summit.

“The Annual Youth Leadership Summit provides a unique opportunity for young leaders committed to finding innovative solutions to our environmental challenges, to gather and exchange ideas,” Governor Deval Patrick.

The Sustainable Vineyard Map led by Emma HallBilsback with Eva Farber, Julia Cooper, Kelsey Dandeneau, Cerina Gordon, Warren Gowell, Andrew Randall and Caitlin Serpa are making a presentation at the 2nd Annual Walter Cronkite Awards Ceremony. In September, they will present it to the Selectman of the Town of Tisbury, to contribute to the Green Communities Plan. In November, they have been invited to present it to the APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Council) in Hawaii with business and world leaders.

MVYLI artisan business youth Courtney Minnehan led the Sustainable Business project with Beads for Life, to support impoverished women in Uganda while supporting their own college dreams. The team of Shavanae Anderson, Amoy Anderson, Shawna Brown, Sivana Brown, Bella El Deiry, Je’Vaughn Crooks, Shelby Ferry, Tiara Lee and Kendall Robinson will feature the unique colorful jewelry at the reception following the Walter Cronkite Awards Ceremony.

“With a focus in sustainable building, sustainable economics, cultural sustainability, and sustainable agriculture, this year’s Vineyard Youth Summit will continue to tackle the most difficult problems our world community faces,” Senator John Kerry. My good friend and long-time colleague Ted Kennedy once said, “I have seen throughout my life how we as a people can rise to a challenge, embrace change and renew our destiny.” For more information: and