Ocean Sustainability Projects: 2014-2016

MVYLI’s Ocean Sustainability-In-Action Project • 2014-2016

Launch Event: Secretary John Kerry’s Our Oceans Conference: June 16-17, 2014

12th Annual Youth Leadership Summit for Sustainable Development: June 2016

11th Annual Youth Leadership Summit for Sustainable Development: June 2015

  • Sustainable Ocean Tour: Site visit to proposed Mission Blue Hope Spots with Captain Buddy Vanderhoop with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s Tioga.
  • Faculty: Dr. Sarah Oktay, Nantucket Field Station: VIDEO
  • Ocean Sustainability-In-Action Project presentations: Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii

MVYLI Ocean Sustainability-In-Action Projects: September-May, 2015

  • Protect Our Oceans at New England Aquarium: Cashes Ledge

MVYLI Ocean Education Sustainable Project: VIDEO 

  • Tisbury Waterways: Melinda Loberg, Gerard Bokanson, Lorraine Wells
  • Dukes County Manager: Martina Thornton; Oak Bluffs Shellfish Constable
  • David Grunden; Friends of Sengekontacket, Mike Krause
  • Mass Audubon’s Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary: Josey Kirkland
  • The Trustees of the Reservation: Molly Peach, Alex Dorr, Ali Rizza, Shelby Lavin 
  • Wampanoag Tribe Aquinnah, Natural Resources Department: Bret Stearns
  • Mission Blue’s Hope Spots with Captain Buddy Vanderhoop

MVYLI Field Trip to Woods Hole: May 2015

  • WHOI’s Deep Submergence Lab (DSL) • WHOI, MBL (Marine Biological Laboratory)
  • NOAA Fisheries (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration)

Walter Cronkite Awards dedicated to oceans: Dr. Sylvia Earle & Sam Low: August 5, 2014

10th Annual Youth Leadership Summit for Sustainable Development: June 2014

  • Ocean Sustainability Presentations: Elise Quebec: Success Stories of a Changing Ocean
  • Alexis Valauri‐Orton, Thomas J. Watson Fellow Ocean Conservancy
  • Beach Sustainability on Lanai, Hawaii: Adriana Sanchez, Brooklyn Bradford

MVYLI’s Ocean Sustainability-In-Action Project: September 20, 2014

MVYLI’s Youth: Oceans/Watershed Education Outreach Campaign: NOAA-B-WET proposal

  • WHOI: Jim Yoder • Wampanoag Natural Resources Director with Owen Singer 
  • WHOI: Dr. Judy Mc Dowell •  MVRHS 21st Century Learning Center: Kevin McGrath