Leadership Opportunities

Download the 2014-2015 Application for MVYLI’s Year-Round Programs

MVYLI’s goal is to support you to realize your dreams – for your life, your island and the world — during Youth Leadership Summit and then during the school year.

MVYLI’s College Prep Program is weekly workshops and individual sessions with each youth to explore your career goals and college options. We meet with each of your guidance counselors to help you develop an action plan. We meet with parents to clarify MVYLI’s program goals, encourage them to attend Senior Parents Night and support them with the FASA application process. We conduct workshops to practice for the ACT/SAT’s and then assist with the scholarship application process. MVYLI helps to prepare portfolios, scholarship research and applications and letters of recommendations.

MVYLI College Field Trips are held in the fall to Massachusetts’ colleges so you can meet professors and college advisors who can then assist you with their decision-making and application process. We also organize video interviews with colleges across the country so that MVYLI youth can explore a wide range of college opportunities. MVYLI’s College Field Trips included: Babson College, Brandeis University, Gordon College, Northeastern University, Simmons College, Suffolk University, Salem State University, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, Wheelock College.

Videoconference interviews with colleges outside of Massachusetts
Tuskegee University, Alabama and Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Atlanta University.

Hosted Howard University’s Admissions Counselor

MVYLI’s SAT-ACT Pilot program: This year we developed a pilot program to provide training and access to the alternative SAT testing. We made arrangements directly with ACT to receive extensive materials/workbooks etc. and assisted students to take the test at Falmouth High School.

MVYLI’s Job Shadow Day on February 2 matches you with jobs in your desired field. This helps translate your passion with practical data regarding the job market.

MVYLI Students of the Month Emma HallBilsback (2012) Amoy Anderson (2011)

MVYLI College Field Trip, Martha’s Vineyard Times, September 29, 2010

Fellowship Means Farming Dreams Come True for High School Senior, MV Patch, March 21, 2012

MVYLI’s College Prep & Field Trip Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX6mMOoh0Rc

MVYLI has been working in conjunction with the MVRHS high school guidance program to help students during their post secondary planning process. Students have been afforded opportunities to visit college campuses, meet with college officials and explore college options.  The students involved in this program have found these trips to be useful and motivational.  It has helped them crystallize their plans they have been working on with their guidance counselors.  The adult leaders have been open to all levels of students and have tried to provide experiences in line with the student’s achievements and interests.  This time of a student’s life is very stressful and time consuming.  Having added support from MVYLI is beneficial to the students at MVRHS. Michael McCarthy, Guidance Director, Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School